Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I'm looking forward to...

Seeing our expansion project moving forward.  Work is nearly completed on the new offices/music room/chapel and efforts have moved to working on the overflow area of the sanctuary.  As far as I can tell, the elevator shaft and stairwells are finished so work on the foundation of the Christian Life Center can soon begin.

Reading the new book, "For the Glory - The Life of Eric Liddell," by Duncan Hamilton.  If you saw the film, "Chariots of Fire," you'll remember Liddell's name.  He was Britain's great hope to win the 100 yard dash but announced he would not compete in the race because the finals would be held on a Sunday.  Liddell, a child of missionaries, had been taught that Sunday was the Lord's Day, a day of rest for His people.  Instead, Liddell ran and won a gold medal in a different race and then returned to the mission field in China following his Olympic experience.  Reviews of the book indicate that Hamilton offers a full portrait of the man who serves as an inspiration and example for me.

Getting some more relief from the neck and arm pain I'm feeling.  God has been merciful - this time last week my pain level was 10+.  Today, it is at a 2.  I still have soreness in my neck and shoulder and a little pain running down my right arm.  My ring and pinkie fingers are still quite numb.  I hope to have today the results of an MRI I took on Friday night.  I'm praying that with those results my doctor will have a clear idea as to how to continue treatments so that I find full relief.

What are you looking forward to? Isn't it a blessing that we can do so with the confidence that our Lord is watching over us, hearing our prayers, protecting us from danger, pouring out His faith, hope and love upon us? Life is full of challenges but we have comfort from God's Word in knowing that the Lord is near.  Trust in His promises and believe that He is present as you go into this new day!