Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's time for my annual summer blog vacation!

Yes, this time each summer I take a blog vacation.  The reason is pretty simple.  I'm so tired.

You see, blogging is hard work.  I spend 15-20 minutes a day working on my blog.  Now, if you multiply that amount of time by, say, 100 years, well, that's a lot of time.  So, you can see why I'm exhausted.

I want to keep things fresh so it makes sense to take a little break.  How will I spend my time? Probably, I'll take four hours a day to checkout other blogs.  Unless they all have taken a blog vacation too.  Then I will just switch over to ESPN to watch some of my favorite sports games.

I especially want to thank the 48.9 people who read my blog each day.  I think the majority of those who read the blog are Life in Christ members.  I know it's not my family.  One Sunday at dinner I happened to mention something I wrote earlier in the week and my kids said in unison, "You have a blog?"  But really I don't mind that they don't check out my blog.  And I'm sure they won't mind thatt I've changed my will and am now leaving my estate to the 48.9 people who faithfully read each day.

And you thought you were wasting your time!

Well, gotta get this blog vacation going! I will return on July 15 with a great article about