Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You're thinking of getting a dog?

Over the years I've found much useless advice from the pen of Dave Barry.  For example, if you're thinking of getting a dog, Dave says...

You want a dog that will run headfirst at full speed into a wall chasing a ball that you have only pretended to throw.  You want a dog that will do this ten consecutive times, and still, on your 11th fake throw, launch itself at the wall with undiminished enthusiasm.  You want a dog that considers you brilliant because of all the amazing things you can do, such as open a door; a dog that worships you as a treat-dispensing god; a dog that, when you have an intestinal flu and reek like a Hong Kong Dumpster because you have not showered or changed pajamas or brushed your teeth in four days, and you are crouched in the bathroom spewing random fluids and semi-solids from every orifice you possess, your dog is right there next to you, wagging its tail and licking you and just generally doing everything it can to communicate the message: "Wow! You have never smelled more amazing!"

You're welcome!