Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Yes, we have no VBS this year

Several folks at church last Sunday were asking me, "Will we have vacation Bible school this year?"

I was tempted to answer, "Yes! Our theme is 'Working in the Carpenter's Shop with Jesus."

"VBS will start at 5 am.  It will last for eight hours, not including two water breaks and one lunch break."

"Kids will learn the fine arts of drywalling, spray painting, and pouring cement, among others. This will be much better than working on some of the silly arts and crafts projects that come with many VBS kits."

"Kids should bring their own tool belts and lunch buckets.  We'll supply the water."

"So bring your children for an unforgettable VBS experience!"

But I didn't say any of that.

There are a number of different ministries that we have had to curtail or cancel because of our expansion project.  I'm certain that we will have a great VBS program for our kids next year.

And they'll get to leave their hard hats at home!