Monday, March 27, 2017

God Among Sages

Reading Kenneth Richard Samples new book, "God Among Sages," will make you feel good.  Not that it's designed to be a "feel good" book.  But it will make you feel good that your faith and life is rooted in the one true God whose Word is truth and who is truly worthy of our worship and praise.

Part one of the book lays out what Samples calls, "The Historic Christian Portrait of Jesus Christ." He shows Jesus as He is understood by the Orthodox Christian Church.  He demonstrates that Jesus is true God & true man, the promised one sent by God the Father.  Those characteristics which prove that Jesus was more than just an ordinary man are presented.  Samples include sources from outside historic Christianity that testify that Jesus lived and did many of the things which the Gospels teach. Samples shows his readers that it is good and right to put faith and confidence in Christ Jesus for life and salvation.

The second part provides profiles of  Krishna, the Buddha, Confucius and Mohammad.  This part of the book is especially worthwhile if the reader has little knowledge of these leaders and the religions they are connected to.  In light of what we read regarding Islam and the radical groups that have sprung from this religion, "God Among Sages," provides eye-opening information and points out some of the important differences between Islam and Christianity.

Samples is an effective apologist of the Christian faith.  If you want to learn more about what religion is all about in the 21st century, "God Among Sages," is a helpful resource to have on your bookshelf.