Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Live Boldly!

Our lives in Christ flow from God's Promises and God's truth.  In our society, false voices are proclaiming what it means to be a human creature, when one become a human creature, how we should treat our fellow human creatures, where our value as human creatures comes from - and the list goes on.  God's Word speaks to these things, and especially speaks that in Christ God has loved all humanity, all people - and laid His claim even on those who reject Him.  God's people will hear as their pastor asked them to join Him in living in love for those in need.  The needs are all around us, and growing.  Our faith must be active in love.  So, that means not just speaking boldly, but living boldly.

Rev. Dr. Jeff Gibbs, professor of Exegetical Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  From "Reporter" March 2017 edition