Thursday, March 23, 2017

Top 10 Signs Your Pastor is Suffering From March Madness

No one is immune from March Madness...not even clergy!

10)  Hymn board in church is replaced with posters of the brackets. (thanks Kevin Svec!)

9)  The hymns sound suspiciously like school fight songs.

8)  Starts calling the 12 Apostles the 12 Seeds.

7) Refers to the days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday Vigil and Easter Sunday as the "Final Four."

6) Found sitting at his desk muttering over and over, "My brackets are busted.  My brackets are busted."

5) Throws a fit when the women's ministry leader beats him in a game of "horse."

4) Calls a technical foul on a noisy two year old during worship.

3) During worship tells congregation, "Wanna see my impersonation of Bobby Knight?" Then hurls a chair down the center aisle.

2) During the children's message, teaches the kids how to spell "Krzyzewski."

And the number one sign your pastor is suffering from March Madness:

1) Gets two services and a Bible class over in 37 minutes so he can get home to see the opening tipoff!