Friday, August 4, 2017

It's Frriday!

Remember Paul Harvey? Those of a certain generation, including me, would tune into the local radio station to hear Paul Harvey deliver the news.  He did not read words but conveyed thoughts. Through pacing and voice modulation Harvey presented the news in a way that was completely captivating.  I loved hearing him say on a day like today, "Good morning, America! It's Frrriday!"

So, because we've reached the end of the week, try this funny on for size:

A little boy, not accustomed to seeing a priest in his “work uniform” went up to the priest and asked, “Why do you dress so funny?” The priest replied, “This is the uniform that I wear when I work.”
The child, still staring at him, asked, “Do you have a boo boo?” The priest was somewhat puzzled, but quickly figured out that the child was looking at his white and black Roman collar. The priest pulled out the white plastic insert and showed it to the child telling him that it was also part of his uniform.

On the back side of the collar there was some writing: “Wash with warm soapy water.” The priest showed this to the little boy and then asked him “Do you know what these words say?
The little boy, obviously much too young to read, stated, “I sure do.” The priest a little taken aback then replies, “OK then, tell me what they say.”

The little boy then replies, “Kills fleas and ticks for up to six month!"

Have a great Frrrriday!