Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The most famous crosswalk in history

On this date in 1969 the Beatles took a break from recording to take some photos for the cover of the album they were preparing.

It's said that Ringo suggested the title for the album - "Abbey Road."  So, on a sunny day, the Beatles crossed the road three times.  Six photos were taken but only one had them walking in lock step (I think that's the term) so that photo was chosen for the cover of the album.

In 2011, I was blessed to take a 3 month renewal from my duties as pastor of Life in Christ.  We designed a month long European trip in which we would attend music festivals in Austria and Germany.  We also spent a long day in Liverpool, birthplace of the four Beatles and did a walking tour of Beatles sites in London.  The tour ended at Abbey Road - very fitting since the Beatles stopped being Beatles with the recording of that album.

A young American who was doing a summer internship in London and was on the walking tour as well.  She caught my dear, sweet wife and I making our way across the most famous crosswalk in history (at least in my opinion).  To mimic Paul, I walked across in bare feet.  We had a very splendid day!