Saturday, May 27, 2017

A need to worship

It's been a tough week for us.  My dear, sweet wife was struck down with a bad virus that ultimately led to her hospitalization.  A serious staph infection left her with pain in both shoulders.  Through this week she underwent two surgeries to deal with abscesses that had developed.  She is not bouncing back from all of this and we continue to be very concerned.

We have been encouraged by the prayers of family, friends and church family.  We are pleading with God to use any means at his disposal to bring healing and health to Sherri.  Having the opportunity to turn to God in worship, to receive His gifts of grace and to pour out our concerns at His throne of grace couldn't come at a better time.

On this Memorial Day weekend we will worship today at 5 pm and tomorrow at 8 and 11 am. I'm am speaking at all three services and the title to my message is, "The Problem with Waiting." Please come and join us this weekend at Life in Christ.