Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Pocket Prayer

I've read lots of books on the subject of prayer.  Many of these books have offered some formula for constructing prayers.  These formulas can be helpful, especially when a person is troubled or confused and finds it difficult to pray to God.

I often use Max Lucado's "Pocket Prayer."  You can learn more about it in his book, "Before Amen." It goes something like this:

Father, You are good
  And your mercy endures forever.  In Your goodness You give me all I need for this life.  I lack nothing.

I need help. Heal me and forgive me
  I suffer from depression. My back seems to be a mess and a good friend says I just might have to live with the pain.  According to Your will, heal me. You have lifted me up from the pit, yet again. I thank and praise You for Your mercy. Do the same, if it be Your will, for my back.  Relieve the pain. Calm down that nerve.  Provide relief. Worse than that pain is the pain, the regret, the sorrow that my sin has caused You and those I love. I praise You that You sent Your Son, Jesus, on a rescue mission to save me and  a world enslaved by sin. Through faith in my Savior, my sins are forgiven.  I have been rescued! Help me to live in my baptismal grace, knowing that I am Your child, dearly loved.

They need help
  My prayer list is so long.  There are so many that suffer or are troubled. Lift the dark cloud of depression from those who feel as if they have no hope. Provide healing and relief for those who fear that their finance won't cover basic needs. Protect children who find themselves caught in the middle which mothers and fathers fight it out. Comfort those who mourn the passing of their loved ones. Give strength and protection to those undergoing trials and tests. Help all to trust that You are the God who doesn't slumber nor sleep.  Your love endures forever.

Thank You
  For Your promise to hear my prayers and to answer them.  For the faith to believe and trust in Jesus. For Your Holy Spirit who continually nurtures my faith and helps me to do those things I can do for my neighbor. For my dear, sweet wife, my kids and grandkids, my church family, for good friends. For everything good.

In Jesus' name. Amen

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Have a blessed weekend!