Monday, May 15, 2017

Sunday's schedule

6:45 am - arrive at church to pray, write prayers for worship and review my material for class later that morning.

8 am - during the sermon I sat in the first row on the lectern side and had the opportunity to greet a young couple and their new born - three weeks old! A beautiful child with thick dark hair which left me greet with envy.

9:30 am - it was a late arriving group but 25 attended my first presentation of our new INTRODUCING: LIFE IN CHRIST orientation class.  We focused on the four key words of our mission statement - Live...Grow...Encourage...Reach and explored how each word related to our new life in Christ.  A fun session!

11 am - our second worship service with Holy Communion.  I spied several new faces which is always exciting.

12:20 pm - after greeting the worshipers I went back into the sanctuary to tickle my buddy, Cohen. His Dad said, "This is probably the best part of Sunday for him." It was one of the best parts of my day too!

12:25 pm - Got to visit with my favorite singer in the whole world - Nicole Lingerfelter, along with her mom, Patti and her aunt, Connie (our lead administrative assistant).  We didn't get to sing together this time but hopefully soon...

1:30 pm - arrived home to see our crew in action.  My son, Eric and his wife, Christina and my oldest daughter, Steph and her husband, Geoff, provided the meal.  Meanwhile, my grand kids were running around in every part of the house, creating mayhem (of which my dear, sweet wife loves the sound of).

2:10 pm - Eric offers a beautiful prayer of thanks to God for the mothers in our lives.  Dinner is served!

3 pm - the mayhem continues! A couple of kids are watching Alvin and the Chipmonks; two more are in the family room playing with puzzles and the others are playing outside in our back yard. Everyone is happy!

5:45 pm - The mayhem ends and the cats enter the living room very cautiously.  They are not as fond of the grand kids as we are.

6 pm - Sherri and I relax by watching a few of our favorite tv shows - "Call the Midwife," "NCIS LA," a Rick Steves feature on Florence, Italy and an episode of "The Middle."

9:20 pm - time for an ice creme bar and an episode of "Cheers." Sherri says it's been a very good day and drifts off to sleep.  And I am right behind her.