Saturday, May 6, 2017

From 109 to 75???

I had the privilege of conducting the marriage of Raili Rogers and Garrett Rains yesterday.  The bride was beautiful and the groom had "goo-goo eyes" for his bride.  (Yes, goo-goo eyes is a condition that I'm aware of, mostly because I had them when I saw my dear, sweet wife for the first time at my wedding!).

It was an outdoor wedding and it began at 4:30 pm.  Need I say more? It was hot! But the heat didn't bother Raili and Garrett who were as cool as Pierce Brosnan in a James Bond movie.  God's best to Mr. and Mrs. Rains!

The air conditioning works just fine at Life in Christ so join us this afternoon for our 5 pm service. Or be with us tomorrow at either 8 or 11 am (Christian LIFE Hour takes place at 9:30 am).  During the sermon I'll be looking at the concluding verses of chapter two of Acts and reflecting on the phrase, "They were devoted..."  What does devotion look like? Who best models the idea of devotion for you and me.  I hope you'll join us this weekend at LICL.  And, stay cool!