Tuesday, September 16, 2014

If time had a "rewind" button

I'd rewind time to September 9.

Making my way to Green Bay to see my beautiful daughter, son in law and grandson.

I loved seeing the town, visiting the park and the playground and the farm.

I'd forgotten how much I'd missed my old friend, Howie, the dog my daughter rescued.

I was reminded again that Josh makes the best tacos of anyone.

I had my heart warmed by Drew time and time again.  His smile alone does the trick.

Most of all, I was so glad to see Katie.  Almost nothing makes me feel as good as when I hear her call me "Daddy."

But yesterday I had to come back home.

Time moves on relentlessly.

Much to do here.

But if time had a rewind button, well, you know what I'd do.;