Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The ending is still being written

The Acts of the Apostles ends with these words: Boldly and without hindrance he (Paul) preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, to my sensibilities, that doesn't seem like a very good way to bring a story to an end.  So it makes me wonder, why isn't there a 29th chapter to Acts?

The author, Luke, tells us that Paul spent two years under house arrest while waiting for justice to be done.  Not surprisingly, Paul continues to preach and teach about the risen Jesus to anyone and everyone who will listen.

We also know that, while in prison, Paul wrote his epistles to the Philippians, Colossians, Ephesians and a separate letter to his friend, Philemon.  Reading his epistles, we also know that Paul continued his ministry, strengthening the believers in Christ and revisiting churches which he had had a hand in helping to plant.  Still, why doesn't Acts have a more proper ending, indicating some kind of resolution to Paul's troubles?

Ultimately, we don't know why the Holy Spirit led Luke to end Acts as he did.  One thing is certain though - the book of Acts is continuing to be written even today!

If Acts is the story of the beginning of the New Testament church, then those churches who comprise the holy Christian Church on earth are still writing the story.  We continue to preach about the coming kingdom of God.  We continue to teach about the Lord Jesus Christ.  We witness and tell others about our Savior's forgiveness, grace and salvation.  We proclaim repentance and faith in Jesus as a person's only hope for eternal life in heaven.  In this way, I believe, the story of Acts continues.  Until the Lord returns to gather up His church on the Last Day, may the Holy Spirit help us to faithfully tell the good news about our Savior God!