Monday, September 15, 2014

The Lambeau Experience

Yesterday, I joined over 78,000 people who have gone ga-ga over the Green Bay Packers.

I've spent the last week in Green Bay visiting my daughter, son-in-law and youngest grandson.  I discovered that the area is a pretty nice place to the summer.  The winter? I'm not so sure about that.

Josh was able to obtain tickets for us in a suite.  Let me just say that I'll never be able to attend another sporting event - unless it's in a suite.  Comfortable seating, beautiful views, free food and drink - it's the only way to watch a sporting event.

77,000 of the fans were wearing some kind of Packers merchandise.  The other 1,000 or so came to support the Jets but were mostly dressed as civilians, which made them stand out anyway.

The staff at the stadium were unbelievably nice and polite.  In fact, my kids say that people in Green Bay are really friendly and down to earth.  Except on game day.  Then everyone - every man, woman, child and dog - goes nuts for the Packers.

I'm told that churches set their worship schedules around Packer games.  My kids go to a church that has a full scale worship service on Wednesday evening for those who would rather spending Sunday morning tailgating.  That's doesn't seem right to me although I didn't mention my concern to any of the 78,000 people who were wearing Packers gear and going crazy over Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers is the quarterback for the Packers and I saw his picture on approximately 78,000 billboards.  It's good to be popular in Green Bay.

As for the game, the Pack dug themselves a big hole early.  Rodgers fumbled the opening snap and that led to a touchdown for the Jets.  It also led to much wailing and mashing of teeth in our suite by the Packer faithful.  But in the end, Rodgers threw for over 300 yards and led the Pack to victory.  

As we left the parking lot I was kind of surprised to see so many folks firing up their grills and breaking out more adult beverages.  I said to Josh, "They tailgate after the game?"  He nodded and replied, "There will be lots of folks calling in sick tomorrow."

But the 78,000 left the stadium happy.  The Packers won and all is well in Green Bay.