Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A blessed pastor

As I get ready to head home after spending time at our annual pastor's conference, I've come to realize once again just how blessed I've been in over 17 years of ministry.

This week I heard how one pastor was run out of his church by a few folks who were wanted the pastor to know who was boss.

Another pastor told of how his church council attempted to remove him because he was making "changes."

There was the pastor who shared that he had to resign from a call because of all the pressure a few leaders place on his wife.  The church thought that they were getting two church workers for one paycheck.  When it didn't work out that way, the leaders made life miserable for the pastor and family.

As for me, the leaders at Life in Christ have been nothing but supportive.

They've been willing to make changes when it seemed that the changes would help our church to better serve our people and community.

They've never expected my dear, sweet wife to be an unpaid employee or to teach Sunday school, lead VBS, organize every pot luck, etc.  They've allowed her to simply find her place in the church and to joyfully serve the Lord where it seemed best for her.

How blessed I am to be able to serve at a church where there is mutual respect and love and a desire to witness Christ to our community and world.  Praise the Lord - I have no horror stories to tell.  Yes, I am a blessed pastor.