Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Prayer Board

My dear, sweet wife has this thing hanging on her wall and it's pretty cool.

She can also probably describe it with one word.  Unfortunately, I can't think of that one word.

What it is? A piece of wood that is covered by a nice piece of fabric.  Then there are five buttons strategically place with strips of ribbon that criss-crosses the board.

The idea is that you can slide pictures or notes or whatever under the pieces of ribbon.  No need for pins or any other sharp objects to hold your stuff to the board.

Have you got the picture? I should take a picture and post it for you but I (alas) don't have time.

Anyway, Sherri has placed pictures of family and friends on this...thing.

I asked her about it one day and she told me it was her Prayer Board.

When she does her daily devotions she looks at the all the pictures on the board and then prays for those people.

Sometimes when we sit down to pray, some of us might have trouble getting started.  We have so many important things to pray about - where to begin?

The Prayer Board provides a starting point.

Not only could you post pictures of family and friends but you could also place pictures of the place where you of your church of the team you play on the the group you practice (fill in the blank) with...well, the list is endless, isn't it?

Anyway, I offer this suggestion for those of you who might find a Prayer Board helpful.

And, if you need a picture of me, just let me know.  I need all the help I can get!