Monday, October 27, 2014

Couldn't do it without Dan and Steve

We are Life in Christ are blessed to have so many talented and gifted people who serve our church.  Our children and youth ministry, our music ministry, our serving ministry (to name a few) produce much fruit because of the faithful service of folks who express their love for their Lord and Savior by serving others.

Among those who bless our church so richly are Dan and Steve.

Dan is the maestro of this website.  He serves on our Board.  He leads our IT committee.  He plays a large role in our music ministry.  

There are few people more talented than Dan.  I don't think he even realizes how much he has blessed the ministry of our church (and me).

Steve is one of those quiet guys who often go unrecognized in the church.  But he faithfully runs the sound nearly every Saturday evening and Sunday morning at church.  We've had some trouble recruiting folks to help us with this important task.  But Steve always shows up, always ready to help out.

It's risky singling out a couple of people who serve us so well at Life in Christ.  I could use this blog space for the next several months, writing every day about folks who bless our church with their service.  

It just seemed wise today to make sure that Dan and Steve know that we do not take their service for granted.  

Who do you know in your church that are the "unsung" servants?  Let them know how much they are appreciated.  Sing their praises this week!