Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday was a good day

The day started with worship.  The choir sang well, the children were engaged during our time together, God's Word offered an equation for dealing with worry and we were fed at the Lord's Table with food that gives the forgiveness of sins.

The Sunday morning Bible class went well.  We are slowly becoming "Trahms-atized," and growing in our desire to witness Christ to the people around us.

Sherri's enchiladas were great and it was wonderful to have the Olohans and Spicers with us.

I was blessed by Ron and LaVonna who gave me a beautiful roll top desk.

I was further blessed by Kirk and his boys who helped me pick up the desk and deliver it to our house.

And I was blessed even more by Kirk and my son, Eric, who had to do major surgery to a bedroom door just to get the desk where we wanted it.

The evening brought with it a time of relaxation - NOT! The St. Louis Cardinals waited until the bottom of the 9th to finely close out a win over the SF Giants.  Can't take too many more nail-biters like that.

The evening ended with Luther's Evening Prayer and a silently sung "Doxology."  Indeed, praise God from Whom all blessings flow!