Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A holy place no more

I attended a worship service last night at a church in Southern California.

From the outside it was a very nice looking church facility.

But I was so discouraged when I went inside the building.

The chancel, the place where the altar usually resides, had been turned into a stage of sorts.

There were all kinds of guitars, keyboards, drums and at least 3 mic stands for vocalists.

The altar? It was sitting in the front of this area, lost in the midst of all the other stuff.

Now, I'm not against using other musical instruments in worship.  It doesn't have to be an organ or nothing.

But to take an area which in the church serves as a reminder where God comes to us and distributes His precious gifts to us and to turn it into a place for performance was really discouraging.

I pray that such a thing never happens at Life in Christ.