Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Desert Island Discs

The BBC (also known as the British Broadcasting Company) has for many years featured a weekly program called "Desert Island Discs."  The concept is this: ask folks, if stranded on a desert island, what music they would like to have available to listen to until rescued.  I started thinking about this and I began compiling my own list.  I hope there's a power source for my iPod because my long list could drain the charge easily. Here goes...

Andrew Gold - "Never Let Her Slip Away"  I love the line, "I love her, I'm thinking that I'll never recover."

The Beatles - "I Saw Her Standing There"  With the greatest count off in pop music history - "One, Two, Three, FARR!"

Beach Boys - "Do It Again" - "It's automatic when I talk with old friends..."  Love the use of the word, "automatic."

Bee Gees - "This Is Where I Came In" - one of their later releases and one of their best arrangements with both Robin and Barry Gibb sharing the vocals.

Crowded House - "It's Only Natural"  This song was my introduction to a group that has never quite gotten its due but still has thousands of really devoted listeners.

Emitt Rhodes - "With My Face on the Floor" - Hear this song once and you'll be humming it all day long...and that's a good thing!

Matt Maher - "Christ Is Risen"  My favorite Easter song.  The emotion in Maher's voice as he sings, "He's alive, He's alive" will produce goosebumps.

Neil Young - "Harvest Moon" - One of the best love songs ever written.

Pete Townshend - "Pure and Easy"  From his first solo album - a much superior version to the one the Who produced.

Pharrell Williams - "Happy"  Well, because singing it makes me happy!

Procol Harum - "Nothing But the Truth"  One of their later releases, a powerful rock song with a cold ending that leaves you wanting more.

Rich Mullins - "Boy Like Me/Man Like You"  A song from a great Christian songwriter who left us way too soon.

Sara Groves - "You Are the Sun"  A sweet reminder that if we want to reflect the light of Christ Jesus in the world, we need to be in that light ourselves.

Stuart Townend - "In Christ Alone" & "The Man Who Calmed the Sea"  Simply the best modern hymnwriter in the world today.

Ten Years After - "I'm Going Home" (from the "Woodstock" sound track)  Alvin Lee cooks on this 9 minute track.

Well, I told you it was a long list.

If I could bring complete albums with me, here's what would be in my backpack:

The Beatles - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
Paul McCartney - "Tug Of War"
Crosby, Stills, Nash - their first album
The Kinks - "The Village Green Preservation Society"
The Who - "Who's Next"
Jars of Clay - "The Eleventh Hour"
Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill - "Mystery Highway"

So, what's on your list?