Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I see you!

One night basketball legend, Pistol Pete Maravich, was lighting up the court, taking impossible shots and making every one of them.

It was a breathtaking performance, one that only a few NBA players could produce.  As Maravich took and made one amazing shot after another, an opposing player, seated on the beach, finally stood up and screamed, "I sees you, Pete! I sees you!"

He was simply saying that he saw more than just an amazing basketball performance.  He was watching something special, a true genius at play.

Today is the Epiphany of Jesus.  It is the day in the church year that we say that Jesus was revealed to the world as God's Son and our Savior.  As the star shown brightly over Bethlehem, leading the Magi to the Christ child, so the love of Jesus shines in the world today, an invitation to come and "adore Him, Christ the Lord!"

As you listen to the Scriptures in church on Sunday and as you read your Bibles daily, look for the special things Jesus does and listen for the special things Jesus says.  He is "the Light of the world."  His Words and actions brought light to the burdened and brokenhearted.  They can do the same for you.

It's truly special that a Word from Jesus can remove the guilt you carry because of sin in your life.  It's special that a Word from Jesus can help you to better love your spouse, your child or even your enemy.  It's special that a Word from Jesus can turn ordinary bread and wine into a heavenly meal that draws you closer to Jesus than you ever imagined.

During these upcoming Sundays in the church year, the glory and light of Jesus will be revealed to us all over again.  Read and listen with joy and amazement.  I believe you'll be saying, "I see you, Jesus! I see you!"