Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It does matter

I'm slowly working through a book that was recommended to me, "The Praying Life," by Paul E. Miller.  One emphasis in the book early on that I've appreciated is that we children of God should approach God as our Heavenly Father.  In this way, prayer becomes less a formal thing and, instead, it becomes more like a child coming to their father to talk about life - to ask questions, to seek help and answers and to make requests.

Miller also writes about a blogger friend he's made named Cathie.  She has been quoted several times in the book and popped up in the chapter, "Understanding Cynicism."Cathie responds to this thought and turns a neat phrase in doing so.  She writes:

I make the jump from optimism to darkness so quickly because I am not grounded in a deep, abiding faith that God is in the matter no matter what the matter is.

It's is important for us to remember that what matters to us, matters to God.