Friday, May 29, 2015

Top Ten Failed Church Mission Statements

It is fashionable and even very helpful for a church to have a mission statement.  Such statements provide a congregation direction and help as it seeks to carry out its ministry.  Unfortunately, some of those mission statements miss the mark.  Here's are some of those statements that failed.

10) A going church for a coming Lord seeking the people who got up and left.

9) Looking for a child-proof church? Try ours!

8) A church built on the teachings of the Apostles', the Prophets and Joel and Victoria Osteen.

7) We've got a wonderful story to tell, if you don't listen you're going to hell!

6) We proclaim God's Holy Word - the King James Bible!

5) We proudly serve a Jewish carpenter and Colombian coffee.

4) A searching church in search for those not being searched for.

3) Our church stands on the historic Creeds, Confessions and flooring from Lumber Liquidators.

2) Welcome to Jesusville!

1) We're saved - you're on your own!