Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Top Ten Reasons Why People Don't Go To Church

David Letterman ended his 30 plus years of hosting late night television last night.  I watched Letterman from time to time but I was a Johnny Carson and, later, Jay Leno man.  And although I don't watch much late time TV now, when I do watch I like to see what Jimmy Fallon is doing.  As one critic put is, "Jimmy Fallon makes television fun to watch."  Apparently the majority of late night viewers feel the same way - Fallon's show is number one in the ratings.

Letterman was known for lots of comedy bits but perhaps the most imitated was "The Top Ten List." In the first year of this blog I posted something called "The Top Ten Reasons Why People Don't Go to Church."  I didn't note where I found this list.  It seems to me that I used some of the original material and made up a few of my own.  Anyway, here goes...

10) The glare from the pastor's forehead is too blinding

9) Three letters - NFL

8) I don't have kids yet

7) I have kids

6) People that happy give me the creeps

5) I can worship God in the outdoors...with the roof open at University of Phoenix Stadium

4) I'm a good person and I want to avoid being told otherwise

3) They don't serve a good cappuccino during the coffee hour

2) When I want to feel guilty I just call my parents

1) No one asked me to go