Thursday, June 11, 2015

Love Comes Sideways

When the logs from our eyes have been removed through Calvary, we see.  We see Jesus on the cross supplied by us, for us.  We see ourselves as forgiven sinners.  Then, when we bump into another sinner, we are able to help for love comes sideways.  Dr. Norman Nagel.

The Bible teaches that we love others because Jesus first loved us.  There is our motivation, our reason for reaching out in love to the people on either side of us.  Jesus came down from heaven, lived the perfect life, offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, has given us his perfect righteousness that makes us perfectly acceptable to our Father in heaven.

Now we are able to show love sideways.  One sinner to another.  Not necessarily planned.  Often taking place as people enter our lives from stage right or stage left.  Read through the Gospels.  Much of Jesus' work simply happened as He traveled from village to village proclaiming the kingdom of God.  Today, throughout your travels to work or school or as you run errands or keep appointments, be on the lookout for the person who could use a touch of Jesus' love today.  Reach out to that person. Let your love come sideways, to the glory of God!