Friday, June 19, 2015

Top Ten Signs Your Church IS All About Money

Critics often say that "all the church is concerned about is money!"  Watch for these signs:

10) Trustees install pay toilets

9) Worshippers must purchase bulletins.  $1 for Advent and Lenten bulletins; $5 for Sunday bulletins "because they're larger."

8) God's grace is free - donuts are a dollar!

7) Pastor tells Stewardship Committee, "I want you to try every idea - good or bad - to raise money for the church.  Bad idea - committee member is arrested trying to hold up a convenience market.

6) In church narthex hang two portraits - Martin Luther and Dave Ramsey

5) Must purchase a personal seat license to have place to sit in sanctuary

4) Church potlucks have $20 cover charge

3) Pastor tells congregation, "If you're not giving generously, you need a check up from the neck up!"

2) Church council installs parking meters in parking lot

And the number one sign that your church IS all about money:

1) EVERY Sunday is Stewardship Sunday