Friday, July 31, 2015

Top Ten Church Staff Excuses

10) Choir director: "We thought a country-western version of 'A Mighty Fortress is Our God' would go over well."

9) Fellowship chairperson: "I thought everyone would like liverwurst on a stick."

8) Nursery attendant: "I'm allergic to crying children."

7) Secretary: "Proof reading is not one of my spiritual gifts."

6) Organist: "I don't chose the hymns.  I just play the hymns."

5) Custodian: "I didn't think anyone would object to a tip jar on the bathroom counters."

4) Usher: "How was I suppose to know that was their personal private pew?"

3) Associate Pastor: "It was the Senior Pastor's idea."

2) Senior Pastor: "It was the Associate Pastor's idea."

And the number one church staff excuse:

1) Youth leader: I guess the teenagers really should have been locked in."