Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Are you ready for some football picks?

It's that time of year.  Time for me to pull out the old crystal ball and start making weekly football picks.

My friend, Michelle and I participate in her football pool at work.  It's pretty competitive and I like to win - so that Michelle has bragging rights.  It has nothing to do with me, right?

Of course, folks at her work know that Michele's mastermind behind her picks is her pastor.  So there is a feeling that we're receiving some divine help.

But if that were true, why aren't we winning every week? Where was all the help last year when we went many weeks without even sniffing the victory circle? Clearly, God is not providing us with an advantage over the rest of the competition.

And, frankly, that's a good thing.  Twice in the gospel of Matthew, the work of Jesus is described simply: teaching in the synagogue, proclaiming the coming of the Kingdom of God and healing the sick and suffering (see Matthew, chapters 4 and 9).

Nowhere is it mentioned that Jesus spent part of each morning in the fall, pouring over the sports page in the "Jerusalem Times", seeking that little bit of extra information that might lead the winning picks.

Nope, we're on our own and so one thing is certain - whether we win or lose, it's not God's fault!

The first game is tomorrow night.  Pittsburgh plays at New England.  We now know that New England cheats - a lot.  I'd better pick them.

As for the rest of my picks, well, I'd better get to work.  Michele will be expecting my picks and I don't want to let her down.  Now where did I put that crystal ball?