Monday, September 21, 2015

The birthday chronicle

5:57 am - September 20, my birthday.

6:03 am - My dear, sweet wife wants to know how it feels to be 63 years old.  When I think about it I fail to feel.

7:05 am - I arrive at church to find my office decorated in a "Sports Games" theme by the amazing Connie Kanzler.

8:20 am - I take a moment to sip from the Dairy Queen Chocolate Milkshake which I'm using as a prop for my sermon on "encouragement."  I could have sucked down the whole thing but refrained.

9:15 am - The congregation sings "Happy Birthday" to me and Todd Brodowski.  It's pretty humbling that I'm loved and supported by so many in our church.

9:35 am - Late start but an enjoyable "Bonhoeffer" study with lots of good questions and comments from the class.

11:05 am - Milkshake, part two.

12:45 pm - Arrive home to see that the AZ. Cardinals are hammering the Chicago Bears.

1:15 pm - Birthday dinner with spaghetti and some nice Italian wine.

2:15 pm - Time to open gifts! Sherri bought us matching Fitbit's so we can get in shape and be able to celebrate next year's birthday.  My kids were generous to me.  The Baker's gave me a Beatles poster - they have good taste.  Connie continued the Sports Games theme with appropriate sports games snacks plus a mug that says, "I (heart) my sports games."  So blessed!

3:00 pm - Time for chocolate cake and ice cream! My grandsons, Luke and Ethan have waited long enough (as they told me).

5:30 pm - Since my daughter Katie and her family live in Green Bay, WI., we watch our second favorite team play on Sunday night football.  Hooray! More Sports Games!

8:15 pm - Time for a second piece of Chocolate cake.

9:00 pm - Back to my book on Jefferson.

10:00 pm - Time for a chocolate bar and a rerun of "Everybody Loves Raymond."  Even our cats look forward to this time each evening.

10:30 pm - Lights out.  Hey! 63 years old isn't so bad after all.