Thursday, August 11, 2016

Is there such a thing as Olympics fatigue?

My dear, sweet wife is not much for watching sports.  She finds baseball rather boring.  She'll only watch the last two minutes of basketball or football games (and then complain about how long it takes to play those two minutes!).

But she does enjoy watching the Olympics.  She appreciates the competition between countries and finds some of the human interest stories rather inspiring.

But last night's coverage on NBC did her in.

You would have thought that the only Olympic sport was swimming.  Race after race after race was shown.

And because all of the races had already taken place, the outcomes were already settled.  Takes a bit of the drama out of the events.

Finally, Sherri had seen enough.  "Is there anything else but swimming to watch?"

I began looking at some of the other NBC channels and found a fencing match.

I don't know much about fencing.  But as a boy I really thought Zorro was cool!

We found the match quite exciting.  The Italian competitor had fallen well behind in the match but, with time running out, began to make a thrilling comeback.  We were on the edge of our seats, cheering the Italian on to victory.

Unfortunately, time ran out and our favorite lost the match.

But it was refreshing to have watched something different.

Then we switched back to NBC to see yet another swimming race taking place.

With that, the TV went off and Sherri and I grabbed the books we're reading.

I checked the TV schedule for tonight's prime time coverage and guess what - more swimming!

But with some gymnastics thrown in.

I wonder what books we'll read tonight?