Monday, August 15, 2016

They say it's Dan's birthday!

My friend, Dan Seabreeze is celebrating a birthday today.  According to Connie Kanzler, Office Administrator Extraordinaire, Dan turned "double nickels" today.  For the rest of us, Dan is 55 years old - the youngest looking 55 year old man in the country.

The Lord has used Dan to bless our church in ways too numerous to count.  His contributions to our music ministry have been invaluable.  His experience in running his own advertising/marketing business has helped LICL extend its reach into the community and has helped us better serve our own members.  Dan has been a willing servant of Christ and his witness has encouraged us all.

This picture was taken at our Small Group Christmas Party.  I'm not sure what Dan is doing here. Perhaps, he's proving that even at "double nickels" he can still be the life of the party.

Happy birthday, Dan!