Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Not impressed at all

My grandson, Drew (holding something he caught in his back yard), is totally into policemen and firemen.  He has full uniforms and the stuff that goes with them.  He watches videos of those who serve and protect us over and over again and never tires of them.  If you want Drew's undivided attention just say something like, "Look over there - a fire truck!" No matter what Drew is doing - playing with toys, annoying his little brother - he will stop and check it out.  And then he'll describe what you're seeing.  He knows his stuff!

Drew and his family live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the mecca for professional football.  At this time of year, every thing in the city shifts to the Packers.  His Mom, Katie, says the first news store on the local stations each night is about the Packers.  Also, the second, third, forth and fifth.  Sometimes, the top stories reported on every other news outlet in the world aren't mentioned at all.  Instead, reporters will talk breathlessly about Aaron Rogers' vegan diet or the seventh round draft pick (who no one has ever heard of) who has a great chance to make the team.  Of course, the weather gets a mention in every newscast - just so everyone knows what conditions will be like for the next day's team practice.

Katie, told me over the weekend that after church the family went to a local restaurant to get some lunch.  As they walked in, Drew spotted two policemen who had taken a break to eat.  Drew was enthralled!  He couldn't even eat his lunch.  He couldn't take his eyes off the men in blue.

A few minutes later a Packers football player entered the restaurant.  For everyone in the restaurant, it seemed as if time had stopped.  "Look! It's Eddie Lacy!" Lacy is the star running back for the Pack. He's not as popular as Aaron Rogers but he's still a pretty big deal.  Everyone in the restaurant had their eyes on Eddie Lacy.

Except one.  Drew.

Drew could have cared less.  He wouldn't have been impressed if the entire Packer roster had had come in to eat.  No one could compare with those two police officers.

All this proves one thing - Drew has not yet been inflicted with Packers fever.

His mother feels really good about that.