Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All is well

Reading the newspaper this morning, a person could come away thinking that there's not a lot of hope for our world.

One expert in Middle East affairs is pessimistic that anything can be done to stop ISIS.

Even though our economy is improving there are still too many people with nothing to eat and no place to live - except on the street.

One more shooting of a young black man takes place in Missouri and the protesters are aflame with anger.

But all is well.

That's our message tonight at Life in Christ - All Is Well.

All is well because God kept His promise to undo the damage our first parents caused when they despised God's Word and plunged the world into sin.

All is well because God's Christmas gift to us will live up to His name - Jesus, "the Lord saves."

All is well because God is with us.  He knows our hurts and disappointments and struggles.  He is our refuge and strength.

All is well because the Baby in Bethlehem's manger will bring peace to the place where we need it the most - our hearts.

Our world is deeply troubled.  And it would be so easy to fill up with despair over all we see and hear.

But tonight we have God's good reminder that all is well.  Jesus comes and deals with our biggest problem - our sin.  Jesus comes and meets our greatest need - peace of heart and mind.

We pray you'll come and join us tonight.  At 5 pm our Family Christmas Eve service will take place, featuring our children from Sunday school.  Our Associate Pastor, Marcus Breitbarth will deliver the message.

At 7 and 9 pm we'll hold Candlelight Christmas Eve services.  Our Adult Choir, Bell Choir and several singers and musicians will offer special selections that will enhance our worship.  I will have the joy and privilege to speak of the Savior's birth and what it means to us in all the moments of our lives.

We hope to see you tonight at Life in Christ!