Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's just old sentimental me

Yesterday did not start off very well for me.

I woke up with a migraine headache.  Tried to shake it with some over the counter medication and loads of coffee.  Went to the office for a few hours but my head felt like it was a bass drum being pounded by an overly enthusiastic marching band drummer.

I came home, took some heavy duty medicine,fell asleep.  By 4 pm I was starting to feel like my normal self again.

That was good because I really wanted to see my oldest grandson's Christmas program at his school.

I missed last year's program because I was home - with a migraine.  I really didn't want to miss his performance again.

The sanctuary at Christ Church Lutheran in Phoenix was standing room only when the kids walked in.  As they began to sing "Away in a Manger," it happened.

I began to weep.  I tried to hide the tears but they just kept coming.  At one point my dear, sweet wife nudged me - she offered me her little packet of Kleenex.

It was embarrassing.  I didn't see anyone else bawling their eyes out.

But here's what got to me.  Much of the world is afraid of Jesus.  In many parts of the world Jesus is hated as much as He was 2000 years ago by the religious elites of His day.

Much of our culture hates Jesus and what He stands for.  Things are said of Jesus in the media that would never be said of other religious men.

And here in a packed church, kindergarten and first grade children were singing their hearts out for Jesus.

They recited the Christmas story from Luke, chapter two.  Their voices filled the sanctuary as they joyfully sang, "Therefore I'll say again, God loves me dearly, God loves me dearly, loves even me!"

Their heartfelt confession of faith moved me to tears.

I pray that the excitement that Luke had as he and his class witnessed Christ to a packed group of parents, grandparents and friends continues to grow and grow and grow.  Amen, amen, yes, yes, it shall be so!

And I'll keep the Kleenex handy.