Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The number is 220!

As in 220 pounds of coats and jackets and sweaters - all donated by LICL members and given yesterday to the Phoenix Rescue Mission!

My dear, sweet wife made the delivery during her lunch hour.  Thank goodness for the invention of side view mirrors on automobiles.  Our Toyota SUV was completely filled! Couldn't see a thing out of the back.  (Should I be admitting that here?)

Our junior high and high school youth helped Sherri load "Mt. Coatmore" into our car on Sunday. We knew we had lots of coats.  But once the kids had stuffed the car with all those coats, we could see so clearly the generosity of our people who were willing to do "one little thing" for the least of those brothers and sisters of Christ Jesus.

The folks at the Rescue Mission were overwhelmed by the number of coast they unloaded.  Beside giving them away on site, the people there told Sherri that they have a van that takes nightly runs through Phoenix, looking for folks living on the streets who need help.  Many of those unwanted and unused coats will bless some unfortunate people with warmth and love.

One thing our church has learned through this coat drive is that it doesn't take months of planning and organization to get some things done.  Identify a need and then ask God's people to respond.  Then identify another need and see what you can do.  In this way many lives are touched with God's love by simply doing "one little thing."  I can't wait to see where the Lord next leads our church!