Monday, December 15, 2014

Joy on a Sunday Evening

Last night at Life in Christ, Mel and Ruth Donaho presented their second play, based on the Christmas story from St. Matthew and St. Luke.

A good crowd of 170 people came for the performance.  Many of our members played different characters.  Our choir and other musicians were involved.  A large crew was assembled who helped with the stage, lighting and sound.  It was a multi-generational effort.  Adults, teens and children all participated.  And everyone had a great time.

There has been much for me to marvel during my almost 10 years at LICL.  I praise the Lord today for providing our congregation with so many gifted people.  I couldn't produce a play like the one held last night if I had a 100 years to make it happen.  I'm terrible at organizing big events.  And since I fear rejection I would find it almost impossible to ask so many people to take on various tasks.

But Mel and Ruth made it happen.  They found folks who wanted to work behind the scenes.  They recruited people, nearly all without any acting experience, and trained and worked with them to play their characters with conviction and joy.  Without a doubt, what we presented last night was more worthwhile than anything that was on television.

Long, heartfelt applause was offered to cast and crew after last night's performance.  We all left LICL having experienced joy on a Sunday evening.