Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Learning how to wait

Last Sunday I preached on 2 Peter, chapter 3 and learned what a blessing it is that God is patient.  I also reflected on how impatient I can be.  Perhaps this prayer will help me (and maybe you too).

This time
I want to act
to make a decision
But the Spirit 
in Your Word
tells me to wait
on You first
to hear Your counsel
For if I don't wait
I won't have
my strength renewed
Purge me of impatience
O God
Instead of a rash temperament
give me wisdom
Show me Your plan
and not my own
Move me to seek
that peace of mind
which comes not
of my own design
but Yours
that Your peace
which passes
all understanding
may fill my heart 
and mind.

See also Psalm 27:14 & 69:13; Philippians 4:7

From "Prayers for People Under Pressure" by Donald L. Deffner