Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Music without Christ?

I have a pet peeve.  Give me a moment to unburden myself, OK?

We have a radio station in town that promotes itself as the "Christmas Station."  Before Thanksgiving took place, this station began playing Christmas music and will do so throughout the holiday.

Driving my daughter, son in law and youngest grandson to the airport in east, east, east Mesa gave us the opportunity to listen to Christmas music.

But don't you think that Christmas music should be about Christ?  Shouldn't the birth of Jesus be mentioned in at least some of the songs played?

Seems reasonable to me.  But in the hour I listened, I heard one traditional Christmas song - by that I mean a song that had Christ Jesus at its focus.

I heard about Frosty the Snowman.  We rocked around the Christmas tree.  We listened as Gene Autry sang about Santy Claus.

But we heard only about Christ when a version of "O Come All Ye Faithful" was played.

Why is the world so afraid of Christ Jesus? Why avoid the mention of His name? Why refrain from recognizing that He is "the reason for the season?"

This morning I dug out our Christmas CD's.  Fooey on the "Christmas Station."

Let the Christmas season be about Christ.  His conception by the Holy Spirit.  His birth in Bethlehem by the Virgin Mary.  His reason for coming into our world - to save the world from sin.

From that point of view, maybe it's right to say that "we" are the reason for the season.

Our need for forgiveness and to be reconciled to God the Father is why Jesus was given to us.

Christ - for our greatest need...surely our greatest gift.

Christ should be in our Christmas music.

CD's are picked out and in my car.  Today, as I drive around I'll listen to Christmas music.

OK, I'm done.  Thanks for reading.